NameJet is pleased to announce the addition of an SMS/text messaging service for real-time notifications of active auctions. This will free our customers from having to monitor their auctions from a computer. Here's what it does:

  • Benefits
    • Easy setup for 1 US based phone number per account
    • Real-time notification upon being out bid
    • Direct link to auction to increase bid through the mobile site
    • Includes all active auctions in the account
    • Flexibility to get notifications for all your auctions or just your favorites
  • Notifications
    • Daily notice when an auction starts
    • Daily notice when an auction ends
    • Real-time notification upon being out bid
    • Notification upon winning an auction
  • Limitations
    • Limited to 1 US-based phone number per account
    • Text message rates may apply based on carrier and plan

  • Set Up Instructions
    1. Log into your account
    2. Mouse over My Account to get drop down list
    3. Click on Notifications
    4. Input your phone number and security code
    5. Click on Save